Soccer Schedule 2017



Chop Point

Soccer Schedule and Information

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Varsity Games in Bold, JV or “Cubs” not bold

Date Team Where Time Result
9/7 Hyde (scrimmage) Home Varsity 4:00 PM  
9/8 Greater Portland Away Cubs 4:00 PM  W
9/11 Temple Academy Home Varsity 4:00 PM  L
 9/12  Oxford Hills  Home  Cubs 4:00 PM  W
9/13 AR Gould  Away Varsity 4:00 PM  L
9/15 Pine Tree Academy  Home Cubs 2:00 PM  W
9/15 Pine Tree Academy  Home Varsity 4:00 PM  L
9/19 Solid Rock  Away Cubs 3:00 PM  L
9/19 GPCS Home Varsity 4:00 PM  L
9/20 Seacoast Home Varsity 4:00 PM  L
9/21 Lisbon Falls Home Cubs 4:00 PM  W
9/22 Islesboro Away Varsity 4:00 PM  L
9/27 AR Gould Away Varsity 4:00 PM  T
9/29 Seacoast Away Cubs 3:00 PM  T
9/29 Seacoast Away Varsity 4:30 PM  L
10/2 Coastal Christian Away Cubs 3:00 PM  L
10/3 Pine Tree Academy (scrimmage) Away Cubs 2:30 PM  L
10/3 Pine Tree Academy Away Varsity 4:00 PM  L
10/5  GPCS  Away Varsity 3:00 PM  W
 10/11  Temple  Away  Varsity 3:30 PM  L
 10/13  Islesboro  Home  Varsity 3:30 PM  W
 10/17  Highview  Home  Varsity 3:30 PM  W
 10/19  JV Quarter-final vs Solid Rock  Home  JV 3:30 PM
 Class D Playoff Schedule
 10/20  Varsity Quarter-final vs Seacoast  Away  3:30 PM


  1. Hi my name is Lael Fenton,

    I am the pastor of Cornerstone Baptist Church in Topsham. I run a soccer club of 7- 12 grade coed students. While we are not part of a league, I like to set up competitive matches or scrimmages with local teams. We are able to travel to your location, and we can help cover referee fees if that is desired. If this is something you would be interested, please let me know.

    Lael Fenton

    • Dear Mr.Fenton, Thank you for contacting us. I know we cannot fit anything else into this soccer season, but perhaps there will be basketball opportunities for a scrimmage. Please feel free to call the school office at 443-4080, if that is of interest. We will put you in touch with the coaches.
      Thank you,
      Marnie Stevens

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