Re-Introducing the Scrips Program!

We have the opportunity to earn money for our school through gift cards/shopping cards. We buy gift cards through the Scrips Program at a reduced price and then sell them to our school families at face value. “Huh?”

Here’s an example: Chop Point can buy a $100 Walmart gift card for $97.5. When a school family buys the card from Chop Point at face value, the school gets $2.50. So if I pay for my groceries with a gift card instead of cash, 2.5% of my money goes to support the school. Many companies give a higher percentage than that! Some additional examples include:

  • Ace Hardware (4%)
  • Cabela’s (12%)
  • LL Bean (15%)
  • Shaw’s (4%)
  • Old Navy/Gap (11%)
  • Applebee’s (10%)
  • Olive Garden (9%)
  • Lowes (6%)
  • Home Dept (4%)
  • Gulf Gas (1.5%)
  • Domino’s (5%)
  • CVS (6%)
  • Walgreens (7%)
  • Dick’s (8%)
  • Regal Cinema Movie Tickets (8%)
  • Burger King (4%)
  • TJ Maxx (7%)

The best part is you don’t have to buy anything extra! Just use a shopping card instead of a check or cash. Or, give gift cards as gifts. This fundraiser has generated thousands of dollars for us in just a few years!

You can receive plastic, paper or emailed gift cards (to print) by sending in an order form (with payment) to school with your student. Feel free to call or email the school office for more information or to arrange for an order form to be emailed or scanned to you.


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