Global Learning

Many parents today believe their kids should learn Spanish in order to remain competitive in the work force and be able to minister to such a diverse nation. This is just one reason why all Chop Point students, in all grades, receive Spanish language instruction.

Juniors and seniors spend two weeks each spring at Campo Alegria, “Camp Good Cheer,” on fifty-acres owned by Chop Point School in the Nicaraguan village of Buenos, Aires. The lakefront property, overlooking two volcanic islands, accommodates 100 people and serves area children who often live in homes with dirt floors and no plumbing or electricity.  Chop Point School students organize games, provide Bible materials, and spend time with the children who come for weekend camps. For many of the children it is the time of their lives, and we win the opportunity to share God’s love by making sure everyone has fun.

In addition, Chop Point School students have painted a public school, fixed a water well, provided school supplies for area teachers, and even built a house for a local family with lumber cut from the camp property. This gives students a chance to practice their Spanish while giving them a greater awareness of the needs of others.