Fine Arts

The arts are integral at Chop Point School. Comprehensive music instruction begins in kindergarten, where students sing and learn to appreciate different styles of music. As they develop, students learn to read notes, recognize the essential components of music, play an instrument, and-if desired-join the school chorus or band. By the time they reach junior and senior high school, they should be able to read music at an intermediate level and have a good working knowledge of key signatures, time signatures, tempo, and dynamic markings. We hope to have students compete for a place in District III and All State Music Festivals. Private instruction in voice and piano is also available.

Artistic instruction at Chop Point School also begins in kindergarten. The art studio is a place where students are encouraged to explore their creative gifts and to encourage others while discovering themselves as artists. Whether working with wood and paint to capture Maine wildlife or studying the fundamentals of design, there is always something to learn and share in the art room. Younger students have made A-to-Z alphabet books about Maine, as well as many other creative  art projects.