Sports are an exciting piece of the Chop Point School experience.  Although gym class is a part of the academic week, the physical fitness regime isn’t limited to a single period. Acres of hilly terrain give students many opportunities to walk outside daily.  In addition, boys and girls from fourth through eighth grade play soccer and basketball against other area schools. High school boys’ and girls’ teams compete in Class D matches throughout the region. A running club, intramural softball , cross-country skiing, and a downhill ski trip (included in the activity fee) make staying active fun.

Chop Point School offers a comfortable, safe, and supportive program for athletes of all levels, while encouraging sportsmanship and the thrill of competition. Our excellent facilities, including Bridge Field and Tarawa Gymnasium, are designed to encourage future growth as we develop new programs. And, when the weather is right, there’s always sledding and ice-skating!

Check our Athletics Calendar to see upcoming sporting events.