Tuition & Fees

Chop Point firmly believes it is offering an education superior to the public schools. It is accomplishing this task on a budget much smaller than that of the public schools because of the sacrificial attitudes of the teachers. Before enrolling a child in Chop Point School, parents should give serious consideration to their ability to afford private education.  2018-2019 fees are shown below:

Grade Total Tuition Texts Transport Lunch Activities
Kindergarten: $5555 = $3935 + $285 + $725 + $400 + $210
Grades 1-3: $5735 = $3935 + $345 + $725 + $470 + $260
Grades 4-6: $5825 = $3935 + $360 + $725 + $470 + $335
Grades 7-8: $6200 = $4150 + $445 + $725 + $545 + $335
Grades 9-12: $6740 = $4150 + $445 + $725 + $545 + $875


Additional Financial Information

  1. A non-refundable enrollment fee of $100 must accompany each application.
  2. By August 1st, $500 per child must be paid to consider them enrolled for the upcoming school year. The remaining portion of the fee may be paid over nine months.
  3.  There is a 5% reduction if the full fee is paid on or before September 1st. (If you choose to pay this by a swiped credit card, we are unable to give the 5% discount.)
  4. The tuition for any additional younger children from the same family is reduced by: 2nd child, less $500; 3rd and additional children less $1000 each.
  5. The grade 7-12 fee schedule is based on each student working on the Saturday Work Day in May. If a student is not able to attend, $100 will be added to his/her final statement.
  6. Chop Point operates as a non-profit school. Our costs exceed the fees we charge, therefore, we hope you will consider helping us meet these costs by: a) supporting our school-wide fundraisers; b) making a tax-deductible gift, as you are able; or c) referring someone else to apply who you think would benefit from our program. In the event of a referral resulting in a year-long enrollment, Chop Point will cheerfully credit $500 to the referring family’s ending balance.
  7. Activity fees cover a ski trip (for those in grades 4-12), several field trips and school insurance for all students. For grades 9-12 the activity fee includes $500 for trips to Nicaragua during grades 11 and 12. Students will also be required to do some fundraising to support their trips.

Upon enrollment of my students(s), I understand the financial information and pledge to fulfill my responsibilities accordingly.  If my child leaves the school before the end of the term for any reason whatsoever (either voluntary withdrawal or expulsion), I understand that I will not be refunded any tuition or fees paid.  In the event of a transfer of enrollment to another school or termination, I will not expect Chop Point to release transcripts or other school records until full payment is made.