High School

“Chop Point represents a focused, individually-tailored learning experience for each student. One is permitted to explore the limits of his or her academic potential, while no child is left behind. And where else could you sail to an uninhabited island after class?” —Christopher Lindsey, assistant district attorney in Fannin County, Texas, and Chop Point alumnus

Chop Point School aims to produce students who can critically analyze the world around them and act in a moral fashion using the results of their independent analyses. High school students gain confidence, sharpen academic skills, and prepare for the future through an engaging program.

English classes read and analyze British and American literature, along with studying the historical eras of the English language. Freshmen take an overnight trip to Hartford, Connecticut to visit the homes of Mark Twain and Harriet Beecher Stowe. Writing is stressed as students prepare college essays, research papers, creative works, and response papers. In history, classroom debates and role-playing sharpen analytical skills.

Biology, chemistry, and physics come alive through lectures, labs, and area field trips. Students are encouraged to see the world of science around them through mini-field trips on the school grounds as well as trips out into the community.

Graduates of our program frequently mention that they felt well prepared for college. Upon completing Saxxon math, many graduates have placed out of college mathematics.

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