Elementary School

“Chop Point knows how to put students into interesting, challenging, thought-provoking situations in which learning—both academic and real-life—naturally occurs.” —Philip Francis, PhD, Harvard Divinity School, Chop Point School Class of ’94

At Chop Point School, early education is a cheerful, positive experience where students gain important skills and good study habits. Reading, phonics, spelling, math, and oral communication are emphasized. The average 2nd grader reads on a 4th grade level, and the average 5th grader reads on an 8th grade level.

However, learning is more than mere academics. Science is supplemented by teacher-selected field trips and nature walks in which students explore the campus’ aquatic surroundings. Along with a solid foundation in history, Chop Point students listen to Bible and missionary stories and are encouraged to pray from their hearts.

Patience, kindness, gratitude, industry, cheerfulness, honesty, and unselfishness are stressed daily. Fun is also an important part of the day, with numerous educational outings, field trips to regional museums, and time to play.