The quality and commitment of Chop Point School teachers are primary. Some readily turned down high-paying careers at public schools to serve here for less. Their knowledge, character, and sacrifice create an atmosphere in which students are taught by example to lead lives of integrity, self-discipline, and love. As a result, the atmosphere of the school exudes joy.

Chop Point School’s early education program relies on the time-tested A-Beka curriculum, which is used by Christian schools throughout the country. As students progress, so do our courses and materials. Students study diverse topics, from computer science and Spanish to economics and physics.

Gifted students are challenged while those with average abilities can expect to succeed with hard work. Two to three hours of nightly homework are expected. Our goal is to help every student through the inevitable challenges of personal and intellectual growth without compromising academics or behavior. Prior to being admitted, prospective students attend class for a day as our guests. Acceptance is based on a teacher’s evaluation.

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