One of the best ways for students to grow is to engage in helping others. Chop Point School encourages community involvement whether by cleaning up garbage on nearby nature trails or running as a team in a community road race raising money for low-income families to own their own homes. In the past, they have… [Continue Reading]

Global Learning

Many parents today believe their kids should learn Spanish in order to remain competitive in the work force and be able to minister to such a diverse nation. This is just one reason why all Chop Point students, in all grades, receive Spanish language instruction. Juniors and seniors spend two weeks each spring at Campo… [Continue Reading]


Chop Point School is a close-knit community perched on a hillside overlooking the picturesque Kennebec River. In summer, youth from around the world attend our traditional Maine camp where they swim, boat, play games, and go on outdoor excursions. The remainder of the year, the buildings are brimming with students.

Junior High

“I came because of the small class sizes and the opportunity to get more personal attention… What I got was an education in much more than academics. The teachers and staff became role models that were every bit as important as my friends and family in helping to develop who I grew into.” Kristen (Frye)… [Continue Reading]

Athletics Calendar

[show-ics-calendar cal=2] Soccer Directions and drop off times Basketball Directions and drop off times   For families buying phone spyware, it is mostly essential for them to get the best one. Maybe, location apps is the first step you have to consider when you are thought about safeness. This product reviewed some key matters to… [Continue Reading]

Athletics Calendar


The quality and commitment of Chop Point School teachers are primary. Some readily turned down high-paying careers at public schools to serve here for less. Their knowledge, character, and sacrifice create an atmosphere in which students are taught by example to lead lives of integrity, self-discipline, and love. As a result, the atmosphere of the… [Continue Reading]


Sports are an exciting piece of the Chop Point School experience.  Although gym class is a part of the academic week, the physical fitness regime isn’t limited to a single period. Acres of hilly terrain give students many opportunities to walk outside daily.  In addition, boys and girls from fourth through eighth grade play soccer… [Continue Reading]


A stunning location Winding down the wooded road to Chop Point School, pine trees give way to lofty views of Goose Cove and Merrymeeting Bay-one of the most spectacular school settings in Maine. Here, on fifty acres with a mile of shore frontage on the east bank of the Kennebec River, students study in cozy,… [Continue Reading]


“Chop Point reminds me of what schools must have been like in the early days of our country… back when the woodstove heated the common classroom and teachers knew every student by name.” Michael Pajack, Chop Point parent Children need a warm, nurturing environment to feel safe, make friends, and gain new skills. Chop Point… [Continue Reading]

Elementary School

“Chop Point knows how to put students into interesting, challenging, thought-provoking situations in which learning—both academic and real-life—naturally occurs.” —Philip Francis, PhD, Harvard Divinity School, Chop Point School Class of ’94 At Chop Point School, early education is a cheerful, positive experience where students gain important skills and good study habits. Reading, phonics, spelling, math,… [Continue Reading]


Chop Point School offers a small and unique residential program in which students from away are welcomed into the warm and hospitable homes of staff members and friends. The school has attracted students from France, Spain, and Nicaragua, as well as from across the United States. Residential students are integral members of the Chop Point… [Continue Reading]

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Religious Life

Chop Point School offers a biblically-based education in a non-judgmental atmosphere.  Roughly one-third of our students come from Christian homes. Others choose us for our small classes and family-like atmosphere. Whatever the reason, divergent opinions are welcome! Students in grades seven through twelve attend three fifteen-minute chapel services each week. Topics emphasize the beauty of… [Continue Reading]


Chop Point School accepts students in grades K-12, on a rolling admission. If, after reviewing the tuition details and other information contained in this web site, you are interested in enrolling your child at Chop Point, we encourage you to come for a visit. When school is in session, the student should participate in a… [Continue Reading]

Fine Arts

The arts are integral at Chop Point School. Comprehensive music instruction begins in kindergarten, where students sing and learn to appreciate different styles of music. As they develop, students learn to read notes, recognize the essential components of music, play an instrument, and-if desired-join the school chorus or band. By the time they reach junior… [Continue Reading]